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UCO - a cryptocurrency programmed to grow

UCO cryptocurrency is designed for large-scale use and therefore mass adoption. The economic model provides for an automated currency destruction that mechanically favours the first investors through programmed deflation.

For more details please visit the Archethic Public Blockchain website or read the Tokenomics paper.

Archethic: New Blockchain Generation

Sustainable, Scalable, Secure and Inclusive


3.6 Billion times less energy consumption, by using the ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) consensus based on heuristic miners' election and a polymorphic worldwide replication. Each Archethic transaction only needs 0.42w of energy (0.1g of sugar).

Smart-er Contracts

In addition to running the blockchain itself, Archethic smart contracts provide the community On-Chain governance. Archethic smart-contracts are natively triggerable, upgradable, formal and easy to program helping in development of reliable applications.

Aviation Safety

Beyond just PoW (51%) or dBFT (66%), Archethic blockchain provides a collaborative & Formal Proof-of-Work allowing to handle 90% of malicious miners, ushering an inclusive and new age of decentralized security based on the standards of aviation safety (fraud risk < 10-9).

Super Fast & Limitless

Without impacting the global validation, the heuristic polymorphic replication provides a linear increase of the capacity (in storage and number of validations) allowing to reach million transaction validations per second ... no magic just read the Yellow Paper.

2024: Biometrics & Decentralized Identity

The 100% decentralized and inclusive wallet

Tamper proof authentications

Pure "individual keys" based on internal finger scan. The device is also able to check the individual stress levels (fear, sleep, ...) without any risk of disclosure, loss or forged authentication.

No key storage (ZKP)

The keys are generated on the fly through a secure element and deleted. The keys only allow to decipher the decentralized keychain - the identification of each secure element is part of the Proof-of-Work obviating the need to steal biometric keys.

For Worldwide Population

The keys' generation is performed from the biometric measurements, so no need to have a personal device to authenticate, any authorized device will work like your own. Providing a new age of biometric authentication without risk of disclosure.

Decentralized Identity

Archethic blockchain makes it possible to store, share and manage all the digital identities through smart contracts. It also helps in managing organization structures, delegation of power, reputation & certification and finally make the individual's identities self-sovereign.

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